Beating Heart

Beating heart

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This was made in PSP 9 and X. Can be done in other versions with alterations to Mosaic settings. No outside filters needed. You need a tube of your choice, the one I used is by calabrese angelo, download

Open a New image 500x500, white

Preset Shapes, create as vector, choose heart shape

Stroke colour null, Fill colour #c00000

Draw a large heart in the centre of your canvas.

Object, align, centre in canvas

Convert to raster layer

Selections, Select all, Selections, Float, Selectins, Defloat.

Click on the calguiscouple1419.pspimage, Edit, Copy

On your working image, Edit, Paste as a new layer

Selections, Invert, and hit delete on your keyboard

Selections, Select none

Lower opacity to 40

On the heart layer -

Drop Shadow, H5, V5, Opacity 40, Colour #702222, Blur 6

Repeat using -5, -5

Effects, Texture Effects, Mosaic Glass

No. of columns 25

No, rows 25

Glass curvature 20 (in PSPX use 2)

Edge curvature 20 (in PSPX use 2)

Grout width 2

Grout diffusion 61

Duplicate layer twice.

Rename layers from top - warp1, warp2, warp3

Warp 1

Effects, Distortion Effects, Warp

Horizontal 0 Vertical 0 Size 52 Strength 4

Warp 2, warp settings as before except change strength to 6

Warp 3, warp settings as before, except change strength to 8

Text tool, I used Love, size 120, background and foreground colour white.

Objects, align, centre in canvas. Or wherever you prefer on canvas, see 2nd version at bottom of page.

Convert to raster layer

Drop shadow, last one used.

On your background layer, Selections, Select all, Selections, Modify, Contract 5, Selections, Invert and floodfill with c000000

Effects, 3D Effects, Chisel, size 3, transparent.

Selections, Select none

Close the warp layers 2 & 3

Edit, copy merged

Open animation shop, Edit, paste as a new animation

In PSP, close warp1 and open warp2

Edit, copy merged

In animation shop, Edit, paste after current frame

In PSP, close warp 2 and open warp 3,

Edit, copy merged

Animation shop - Edit, paste after current frame

Edit, Select all

Animation, frame properties, change speed to 20

Resize if you wish.

View animation.

Save as a gif.

Tutorial written by Annesska - February 9th 2007, revised Feb 12th 2009

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