Black and Blue

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This was made in PSPx. You need - tube, template, dots.pspimage, annesska-bluepattern.pspimage. Download supplies Here Vanish font download Here

I have used a tube by Nightangel. Thank you Nightangel for permission to use this great tube in the tutorial.

Save pattern to your patterns folder, open tube, template and dots in psp. Open font and minimise.

Open a new image 480x480

Floodfill with annesska-blue1.pspimage angle 9, size 35.

Click on template, edit, copy, click on working image, edit paste, rename layer - template

Magic wand, click in the top left rectangle and the middle right rectangle

screenshot & settings below

Screenshot 1

Selections, modify, expand 5
Layers, New raster layer

Floodfill with black

Select none, rename layer - black

Click on tube, edit, copy

On working image, edit, paste as a new layer

Image resize 60%, all layers unchecked

Move to the bottom left, keep within the black edges, use deform tool to make it fit

3D Effects, Drop Shadow 3, 3, 100, black 18.84

Layer duplicate, move over to right, see completed image for position

Move down below tube layer

Lower opacity to 30, change blend mode to multiply

Click on original tube layer, layer duplicate, image, resize 40%, all layers unchecked

Move to top right square, and position at the black edges, see completed image for placement

Layers duplicate, image mirror, move this to the bottom right square, position at the black edges, see completed image.

Merge down

Move this layer below the template layer

Change opacity to 30, blend mode to luminance legacy

Layers merge visible

Click on dots, edit, copy

Click on working image, edit, paste as a new layer, move over to the black rectangle on the right and position in middle

Rename layer - dots 1, Layer duplicate, rename layer - dots 2

Magic wand, same settings as before, click on the top dot then every 2nd dot, see screenshot below


Adjust, Brightness & Contrast, 50, 0

Select None

On your dots 1 layer click on the darker dots see screenshot below


Adjust, Brightness & Contrast, same settings as before

Text tool, Vanish, size 72, create as vector, foreground colour black, stroke 1, background colour #3153a6

Type your name, move into position in the middle of the top rectangle

Layers duplicate, rename layers text 1 and text 2

Magic wand, Starting at the A, click on the first dot, then click on every 2nd dot, screenshot below


Adjust, Brightness & contrast settings as before

Select none

Click on text 2

Magic wand, Starting on A, click on the darker dots, screenshot below


Adjust, Brightness & Contrast same settings.

Select none

Click on bottom layer

Image, canvas size, 490x490, click on middle diamond

On Working image, click in blank space, floodfill with blue pattern

Select none

Image canvas size, 500x500, click on middle diamond

On working image, click in blank space, floodfill black

Image resize 80%, all layers

In your layer palette, close text 2

Close dots 2

Edit, copy, copy merged

Open animation shop

Paste as a new animation

Back in psp, close text 1, and dots 1, and open text 2, and dots 2

Edit, copy merged

Back to animation shop

Edit, paste after current frame

Edit, select all,

Animation frame properties, speed, 20

View animation

Save as a gif

That's it :-)

Tutorial written by Annesska, January 2007.

Tested by Siliva. Thank you Silvia :-)

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