Christmas Tree

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Made in PSPX and Animation shop

You need my selections files - annesskaflakes1-9 and annesskaxmastree, annesskasnow and annesskatreeborder.pspimage. Download files

Filters needed - Greg's Factory Output Vol II - Pool Shadow

Mura Meister - Clouds

VDL Adrenaline - Snowflakes

Save the selections files to your Selections folder, open the annesskatreeborder.pspimage in PSP

Open a new transparent image 500x500

In the Materials Palette

Set your foreground to #ffffff
Background to #c0c0c0

Effects, Plug Ins, Mura Meister - Clouds

Click on reset colours, then reset

Settings below

Mura Settings

Effects, Plug Ins, Greg's Factory Output Vol II, Pool Shadow - use default settings but change Intensity and Lightness to 68

Image, Flip

Adjust Blur, Gaussian Blur 30,

Layer, New Raster Layer

Selection, Load selection from disk, annesskaxmastree

Floodfill selection with #18450f

Floodfill again BUT change the opacity to 50, see below


After you've floodfilled, change the setting back to 100 opacity

Adjust, Sharpness, Sharpen More

Layers, Duplicate

Image, Resize 60

Move to left, see below


Layers, Duplicate

Image, Mirror

Layers, Duplicate, Move over to the left slightly, See Below

Position 2

Layers, Duplicate

Image Mirror

In the layers palette -Move the biggest tree to the top.

Close the bottom layer and Merge Visible

Effects, 3D Effects, Drop Shadow

1, 1, Opacity 50, Blur 1, colour white

Open the bottom layer, Merge Visible

Layers, New raster layer

Selections, Load selection from disk - annesskasnow

Floodfill selection with white

Selections, Select None

Adjust, Blur, Gaussian blur, 14

Adjust, Add Noise, 21, Gaussian

Layers, Merge Visible

Follow the next parts closely as it may get confusing -

Layers, New raster layer

Effects, VDL Adrenaline, Snowflakes

Settings below


Layer, New raster layer

Selections, Load selection from disk annesskaflakes1

Floodfill selection with white

Effects, Edge Effects, Enhance more

Repeat Enhance more two more times

Select None

Close bottom layer

Layers Merge Visible

Rename layer snow 1

Close snow 1

Layers, New raster layer

Effects, Plug ins, VDL Adrenaline Snowflakes, same settings as before but change random seed to 100

Layer, new raster layer

Selections, load selection from disk, annesskaflakes2

Floodfill with white, Effects, Edge effects, Enhance more

Repeat Enhance more 2 more times

Layers Merge visible

Rename layer, snow 2

Close snow 2

Continue as below until you complete layer snow 9

1 add a new layer,
2 Effects,snowflakes, changing the random seed by 100 each time
3 Add a new layer
4 Load selection from disk annesskaflakes 3 and so on til 9
5 Floodfill selection with white
6 Enhance edges, repeat 2 more times
7 Select none
8 Merge visible
9 Rename layers snow 3 - 9
10 Close snow layer

You should then have your bottom layer, and 9 snow layers

Now, repeat steps 1-8 as above, you will use the selection annesskaflakes9 again

Rename layer, snow 10

Close snow 10

Repeat steps 1-8 (use selection annesskaflakes9 again)

Rename layer snow11

Close snow 11

So now you have the bottom layer and snow layers 1-11

Open the bottom layer

Image, Resize, 85% bicubic ALL layers checked

Image, Canvas Size

Click in the middle diamond

Change height and width to 545

Click on annesskatreeborder.pspimage

Edit, copy

On your working image, Edit, paste as a new layer

Makes sure it's now the top layer, rename border

Open snow 1

You should have bottom layer, snow 1 and border open

Edit, copy merged

Open animation shop

Edit paste as a new animation

in PSP close snow 1 and open snow 2

Edit, copy merged

In animation shop, edit, paste after current frame

In PSP, close snow 2 and open snow 3

Edit, copy merged

In animation shop, edit, paste after current frame

In PSP Continue to close a snow layer, open next snow layer

Edit copy merged

In animation shop, edit, paste after current frame

Until you have done snow 11

Now in animation shop you should have 11 frames.

Edit, select all

Click on Animation, Frame properties and change speed to 35

Now, View, Animation and if all went well it should look okay :-)

Save as a gif.

Tutorial written by Annesska - 30 November 2007

Tested by Silvia - thanks!

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