Christmas Flower

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Made in PSP and Animation Shop

Filters needed, MezzoForce Ice,

FM Tile Tools, Blend Emboss

Supplies - poinsettia.pspimage - open in psp xmastext.pspimage - save to open later in animation shop. Download supplies

Open a new transparent image 500x500

Floodfill with white

Click on the poinsettia.pspimage, Edit, Copy

On your working image, Edit, paste as a new layer

Image resize, 85% bicubic, all layers unchecked

Layers, Merge Visible

Effects Plug Ins, Mezzo Force Ice

Settings below


Effects, Edge Effects, Enhance

Effects, Plug Ins, FM Tile Tools, Blend Emboss

Default Settings

Effects, Texture Effects, Texture, Canvas simple, Setting below


Image, Add border

Symmetric, 10, White

With the magic wand click in the white border

Selections, Promote selection to layer

Effects, 3D Effects, Drop shadow

1, 1, 44, 404040 Blur 2

Repeat using -1, -1

Select None

Image resize, 85% all layers

Image, Add border, symmetric, 5 colour #f35c64

Image, Add border, take the tick out of the symmetric box

Top 15, left 15, right 15, bottom 75

Colour white

Image, Add borders, symmetric, 5, #f35c64

Edit, Copy

Open Animation Shop

Edit, Paste as a new animation

Edit, Duplicate selected till you have 9 frames

Click on frame 1, edit, select all

Open the xmastext.pspimage

Effects, Insert image effect, Explode, Settings Below


Edit, Select all

Edit, Copy

On your main image, Edit, Paste into selected frames

Position in the middle of the bottom white space

The text should now be on all your frames

Click on frame 1, hold down your shift key and scroll along to frame 8

Animation, Frame properties, change speed to 20

Click on frame9, Animation, Frame properties and change speed to 75

Edit, Select all, copy

Click on frame 9, edit, paste after current frame

Animation, Reverse frames

If it looks okay, save as a gif

Tutorial written by Annesska - 7 December 2007

Thanks to Silvia for testing.

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