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This was made in PSP 9. Zip file of supplies Here The searoses tube is by Nightangel, thanks for it. And the woman tube is from Suzi Sgai
In the zip file, is the floral tube, my 2 brushes. You also need Xero - Porcelain

Open the tubes in PSP
Save the brushes and import to PSP

Open a new transparent image 500x500

In your materials palette -

Foreground Colour #b7cbd5
Background Colour #aea4e0

Change foreground to gradient - foreground/background

Angle 0
Repeats 2
Invert - Unchecked
Center Point
Horizontal 50
Vertical 50


Floodfill with gradient

Adjust, blur, Gaussian Blur 23

Click on searoses tube, Edit, copy

On your working image, Edit, Paste as a new layer

Layers, Duplicate

Rename all layers, from the top - flower, blur1, background

Close flower, and click on blur 1

Adjust, Blur, Radial Blur, settings below

Blur Type - Zoom
Blur Strength 50%
Elliptical checked
Horizontal offset 37, Vertical Offset 56, Protect center 0

Move layer diagonally to the left, see screenshot below


Layers Duplicate, rename blur 2

Effects, Plug Ins, Xero - Porcelain, change brightness to 140

Click on blur 1, Image, Flip, Image, Mirror

Should now look like this -

 2nd blur

Open flower layer

Paste your tube, resize as necessary

Move into position

Move to below blur 1, and change blend mode to overlay

Merge Visible

Image, resize, 85%, All Layers

Adjust, Sharpen, unsharp mask, 3, 25, 3, Luminance only NOT checked

New raster layer, rename brush1

Brush Tool, Change foreground to colour #aea4e0

Select annesska-believe brush, size 280, click a few times in the upper left, see completed image

Duplicate layer, rename brush2 change blend mode to dodge and opacity to 50

On brush1

3D effects, Drop Shadow, Horizontal 1, Vertical 1, Opacity 70, Blur 1, #7d8895

Repeat drop shadow using -1, -1

Layer New raster layer, rename brush3, move to top

Brush annesska-2believe, size 243, click a few times in lower right, see completed image

Duplicate layer, rename brush 4 change blend mode to dodge, opacity 50

On brush3 layer

3D effects, Drop Shadow, Horizontal 1, Vertical 1, 100, 1, #7d8895

Repeat Drop Shadow using -1, -1

Click on merged layer(the bottom layer), rename it - merged 1, close the layer, click on one of the other layers,layers merge visible.

Rename the newly merged layer - merged 2, Open merged 1, highlight it

Layers, new raster layer

Floodfill with black, duplicate twice

Rename rain 1, rain 2, rain 3

On rain 3, Adjust, add/remove noise, add noise, random 30, monochrome checked,

Adjust blur, motion blur angle 135, strength 20

Adjust,hue & saturation - colorize, 198, 124, effects, edge effects, enhance

Repeat noise, blur, colorize and edge effects on the other 2 rain layers.

Change blend mode on the three rain layers to Screen and Opacity 68,

Click on bottom layer merged 1

Image, canvas size, 435, 435, click on middle diamond

Magic wand, click in transparent space

Change your colours in your layer palette back to - background #b7cbd5 and foreground #aea4e0

Change to background/foreground gradient, same as previously but change the repeats to 4

Floodfill the selection

Adjust, blur, Gaussian blur 23

Effects, 3D effects, chisel, size 3, solid colour #b7cbd5

Close, rain 3 & rain 2, Edit, copy merged

Open animation shop, Edit, paste as a new animation

In psp, close rain 1, open rain 2, edit, copy merged

Animation shop, edit, paste after current frame

In psp, close rain 2, open rain 3, edit, copy merged

Animation shop, edit, paste after current frame

Edit, select all, Animation, frame properties, change speed to 15-20

View animation

Save as a gif

Tutorial written by Annesska - February 2007

Thanks to Silvia for testing

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