Like A Cloud

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This was made in PSP 9 and can be made in X and X1.

You need - My 2 selection files, Background image, cloud image,Mask,Text image
2 tubes by Mtm Brigitte, used with permission.
All included in zip file. Download Here

Save the selections files annesska-lac1 & annesska-lac2 to your Selection folder. Open all the other files in psp.

Click on the annesska-clouds image, Window, Duplicate and close the original. (You can make your own clouds image by using Xenofex 2 Little Fluffy Clouds or Mura Meister Clouds)

Layers, Duplicate

On the bottom layer - effects, Illumination Effects, Sunburst

Settings below


Adjust, Sharpen

On the top layer, Layers, New Mask Layer, from image

In the dropdown menu select, raindrops

Source luminance checked, OK

Layers, Merge group

Adjust, Brightness & Contrast, Brightness/Contrast, 33, 30

Effects, Edge Effects, Enhance

Layers, New raster layer

Selections, Load selection from disc, in the dropdown menu select annesska-lac1, Load

Click on the Mtm-photos-Charlize Theron- small - 27 juni 2007.pspimage

Edit, copy

On your working image, Edit, paste into selection

Selections, Select none

Adjust, Automatic Saturation Enhancement, Normal, Weak, Skintones present, OK

Effects, 3D Effects, Drop Shadow, 5, -5, 40, 27.54, Colour #641e03

Layers, Duplicate

Selections, Load selection from disc, annesska-lac2, load

Layers, New mask layer from image, raindrops, OK

Layers, merge group

Adjust, Sharpness, sharpen more

Repeat one more time

Selections, Select none

Click on the Mtm-man- 142 small tube - 3mei 2007.pspimage

On your working image, paste as a new layer

Image, Resize, 80% bicubic, all layers unchecked

and move into position, see completed image

In the layers palette, change the opacity to 26 and the blend mode to Hard light

Layers, New raster layer

Selection, select all

Click on the bg-lac image

Edit, copy

Back on your working image, Edit, paste into selection

Select none

Layers, merge all

Click on the text.pspimage, Edit, Copy

On your working image, Edit, Paste as a new layer, with the mover tool, move into position, see completed image.

Image, add borders, symmetric, 4, colour #9a6747

With the magic wand, click in the border

Effects, 3D effects, Chisel, 2, solid colour, #ebb079

Effects, Edge effects, Enhance

Select none

Add borders, symmetric, 8, #9a6747

Selections, select all, modify, contract 4

Selections, invert

3D Effects, Chisel as before

Effects, Edge effects, enhance

And that's it. Resize if you wish and save as a jpeg.

Tutorial written by Annesska - 17 Aug 2007

Thanks to Silvia for testing

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