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This was made in PSPX. You need, tube, (tube I used with permission from Jet) music image, my pattern, text image. Picture frames - edge painted 04, and antique vignette which come with psp. No outside filters are needed. Download supplies Here

Open a new transparent image 600x500

In your materials palette, set the colours to

Foreground #e9e1d5

Background #b7a28d

Then click on Gradient, Foreground/Background

Angle 135, repeats 0, invert unchecked

Floodfill layer with gradient

Layers, new raster layer

Selections, Select all

Click on the music image, Edit, Copy

On your working image, Edit, Paste into selection

Selections, Select none

In the layers palette change opacity to 80

Image, Picture Frame

From the dropdown menu choose, Edge painted 04

With the magic wand, click in the white space

Floodfill with the gradient

Effects, Distortion Effects, Displacement Map, Settings below


Effects, Edge Effects, Enhance Edges

Drop shadow, 3, 3, Opacity 70, colour #62411a blur 14.49

Repeat using -3, -3

Select None

Image, picture frame, choose antique vignette

Selections, Select All, Float

Floodfill with gradient

Image Resize, 120% all layers unchecked

Layers New raster Layer

Copy the music image and paste into selection on working image

In the layers palette, reduce the opacity to 14

Select None

Copy the woman tube, and paste as a new layer on your working image

Image resize, 80% bicubic, all layers unchecked

Effects, 3D Effects, Drop Shadow, same as before but change opacity to 35

Move down to below picture frame 1


In your layers palette

Close raster layer 1, raster layer 2, and raster layer 3 and merge visible


Effects, 3D effects, Drop Shadow, as before but change opacity to 25, repeat using -3, -3

Open all layers

Layers Merge all flatten

Image, Add borders, 5 symmetric, use any colour not in your image

With the magic wand, highlight the border and floodfill with the background colour

Effects, 3D Effects, Inner Bevel, in the drop down choose the preset Metallic, colour #f1deca

settings below


Effects, Edge Effects, Enhance

Effects, 3 D Effects, drop shadow, as before but change opacity to 70, repeat using -3.-3

Select None

Add borders, 25, symmetric

With the magic wand, click in the border

In the materials palette, change to pattern and select annesska-ltm-tile.jpg

Floodfill the border with the pattern

Select None

Image, add border, 5, any colour

With magic wand, click in the border, floodfill with background colour

Effects, 3D Effects, Inner Bevel, as before

Effects, Edge Effects, Enhance

Drop Shadow as before

Select none

Copy the text image, or add your own text

Edit, Paste as new layer on to the working image

Layers, Merge all, flatten

Image, resize 85%

Save as a jpg and that's it.

Tutorial written by Annesska 12 September 2007

Thanks Silvia for testing.

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