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Made in PSP9.

Filters needed -

Fantastic Machines - Paint Engine

Xero Porcelain

Flaming Pear - Flood

Simple - Top Left Mirror

Supplies needed, 2 tubes, I used 2 tubes by Mou, included in supplies

You also need my background image, Download supplies Here

Brush - I used Spring Branches brushes from

Open tubes and background image in psp, unzip and import the brushes to psp.

Okay let's begin -

Open a new transparent image 640x510

Materials Palette

Set foreground to #88656c
then click gradient and foreground/background gradient

Angle 135
Repeats 2
Invert - unchecked
Floodfill layer with gradient

Effects, Plug Ins, Fantastic Machines - Paint Engine, settings below

Paint Engine

Adjust - soft focus, settings below

Soft Focus

Adjust, Blur

Effects, Plug Ins - Xero Porcelain


Effects, Distortion effects, Warp


Effects, Edge Effects, Enhance

New layer, select all

Click on the pattern, Edit, copy

On your working image, Edit, paste into selection

In the layer palette, change the opacity to 52, and blend mode to hard light

Select None

Effects, Edge Effects, Enhance

Layer, new raster layer

Floodfill with gradient

Effects, Plug ins, Flaming Pear, Flood, settings below


Lower the opacity to around 50%,

With the freehand selection tool, draw a selection as in screenshot below


Hit delete button on keyboard

Change the layer opacity to 24, and the blend mode to luminance (L)

Layer, New raster layer,

Swap foreground and background colour



To this


Select paintbrush, in the dropdown find aDr spring branches, select brush of your choice. I used brush 5

Right click once

3D Effects, Drop Shadow 1, -6, 30, 14.49, colour #0e0c0c

Copy your tube and paste as a new layer onto your working image. I changed the opacity to 92.

Adjust, soft focus, settings as before

3D Effects, Drop Shadow same settings as before

Copy the 2nd tube of your choice, I used the perfume bottles from Mou, opacity 100, blend mode luminance (L)

Drop Shadow 1, -6, 20, 14.49, colour #0e0c0c

Merge visible

Image resize 85% all layers unchecked

3D Effects, Drop Shadow 3, 3, 40, 14.49, colour #0e0c0c

Repeat using -3, -3

Layer, new raster layer

Layers, Arrange, Send to bottom

Swap your foreground/background colours again

Floodfill with the gradient.

Effects, Plug Ins, Fantastic Machines - Paint Engine, same settings as before

Adjust Soft focus, same settings as before

Adjust, Blur, same settings as before

Effects, Plug Ins, Xero Porcelain, same settings as before

Effects, Distortion Effects, Warp, same settings as before

Image, Mirror

Effects, Plug Ins, Simple, Top Left Mirror

Image add borders, 3, symmetric, colour #53282b

Image, add border, 2, symmetric, colour #e0cfcb

Image, add border, 3, symmetric, colour #53282b

Selections, Select all, Modify, Contract 8, Selections, Invert

Effects, Edge Effects, Enhance More

And that's it.

Tutorial written by Annesska - 7 June 2007

Thanks to Silvia for testing.

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