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Made in PSPX and Animation Shop. Can also be done in X1 and 9

Filters needed - Flaming Pear - Flood

Supplies needed my lights preset, 2 tubes. The tubes I used - woman tube by Jet, thanks Jet. Keep file names and watermark intact. Palm tube is from Outlaw by Design Terms of use here

Download supplies Here

Save the lights preset to your presets folder, open tubes in workspace.

Let's begin

Open new transparent image 600x500

Floodfill with #ec51bc

In your materials palette set the foreground colour to #EEBCD9

and the background colour to #E79FC5

Click on gradient and in the dropdown menu select foreground/background

Angle 0, Repeats 0, Invert unchecked

Layers, New raster layer

Floodfill the layer with the gradient

Effects, Distortion Effects, Lens Distortion

Horizontal 50
Vertical -50
Distortion Type Fisheye
Field of View 179
Edge Mode Colour #f597c2

Effects, Plug Ins, Flaming Pear, Flood, settings below, colour is #010203


Effects, Illumination Effects, Lights select annesska-38 in the dropdown preset menu

Have your rulers on and with your selection tool, rectangle, make a selection, start at 0 in the top left and go all the way across to 600 and down to 223


Adjust, Blur, Motion Blur, 90, 100

Adjust, Blur, Motion Blur, 270, 100

Selection Invert

Selections, Modify, Feather 5

Selections, Promote selection to layer

Layers, Duplicate x 2

Rename the 3 layers, ripple 1, ripple 2 and ripple 3

Select none


On ripple1, Effects, Distortion Effects, Ripple


Repeat on ripple 2 layer but change the wavelength to 92

Repeat again on ripple 3 layer but change the wavelength to 94

Highlight your top layer

Click on the Palm tube

Edit, copy and paste as a new layer on your working image.

Image Resize 80%, bicubic, all layers unchecked

Image, Mirror, Move into position on the left, see completed image

In the layers palette, change the blend mode to Difference, Opacity 20%

Layers, Duplicate, Image Mirror

Copy tube jet-woman06-juni-2007.pspimage and paste as a new layer on your working image

Resize, 60%, bicubic, all layers unchecked

Adjust, Sharpness, sharpen

Move into position, see completed image

Effects, 3D Effects, Drop Shadow, 5, 5, 17, #808080, Blur 10, OK

Click on text tool, create as vector, I used Neuropol, size 60 pixels, stroke width 1

Type your text, I used capital letters for mine

Objects, align, horizontal centre in canvas. If necessary move down/up into position, see completed image

Selections, from vector object

Layers, convert to raster layer

Hit delete on your keyboard

Effects, 3D Effects, Drop Shadow

h 1, v 1, Opacity 100, Colour white, Blur 1

Repeat using h -1, v -1, Opacity 100, Colour #e351ae Blur 1

Select none

Layers Duplicate

In the layers palette, change blend mode to Multiply or blend mode of your choice for the top layer

Layers, New raster layer

Selections, Select all, Selections,Modify, Contract 3

Selection, Invert

Floodfill selection with gradient

Effects, Edge Effects, Enhance More

Select none

Close ripple 2 and 3

Edit, copy merged

Open animation shop

Edit, Paste as a new animation

In PSP, close ripple 1 and open ripple 2

Edit copy merged

Back to Animation shop

Edit, paste after current frame

In PSP, close ripple 2 and open ripple 3

Edit, copy merged

Back to Animation shop

Edit, paste after current frame

Edit, select all

Animation, Frame Properties, change speed to 25

View animation and alter speed if you prefer faster or slower

Resize if you wish and save as a gif

Tutorial written by Annesska - 21 June 2007

Thanks to Silvia for testing

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