Make A Wish

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Made in PSPX, can be made in X1 and 9

No outside filters needed, just psp and animation shop

You need - 2 tubes from Jet, Picture frame, (I think it comes with PSPX, included in supplies) my selection and background. Download supplies **Here**

Save the Polka dot card frame to Picture Frames folder, Save Selection annesska-b-1 to Selections folder

Open the tubes and my background image in your workspace.

Open a new transparent image 600x500

Click on annesskabg2, Edit, Copy

On your working image, Edit, paste as a new layer

Layers, new raster layer

Image, picture frame, in the dropdown menu select Polka dot card

Selections select all, Selections, float

In your materials palette, set the colours to -

foreground #dbd7c1
background #f7f5ea

Click on gradient and in the dropdown menu choose foreground/background

angle 301 repeats 0, invert unchecked

Floodfill with the gradient

Select none

Selections, load selection from disc - annesska-b-1

Source Luminance, Replace selection, Load

Hit delete on your keyboard

Selections, Select none

Selections, select all, selections, float

Effects, 3D effects, Drop Shadow, -3, -3, Opacity 100, 13.04, #404040

Effects, 3D Effects, Cutout -5, -5, Opacity 30, 7.25, Colour #85816f

Repeat cutout using 5, 5

Click on the leaves tube, edit copy

On your working image, edit, paste as a new layer

Layers, Arrange, Move down to under the frame layer

Image, resize, 70% bicubic, all layers unchecked

Image, Canvas size, 650, 550, click on centre diamond

Click on the woman tube, Edit, copy

On your working image, edit, paste as a new layer

Layers, arrange, bring to top

Image, Mirror,

Image resize 70% bicubic, all layers unchecked, move into position, see completed image

Effects, 3D Effects, Drop Shadow, 3, 3, Opacity 24, 13.04, #404040

Click on your leaves layer, with the freehand selection tool, rectangle, make a selection around the leaves that are overlapping


Hit delete on your keyboard

Layer, new raster layer, Layers, arrange, bring to top, rename butterfly1

Click on picture tube tool, Scale 50, and choose butterflies tube, your choice of butterfly, colorize to suit. Or use any butterfly tube you have.

I find it easier to have the butterfly in this position to start with -

Butterfly 1

Layers duplicate, rename butterfly2

On your duplicate layer, butterfly2, select the raster deform tool and push in the middle nodes at either side of the butterfly

Butterfly 2

Layers, duplicate, rename butterfly 3

With the raster deform tool again push in at either side of the butterfly

Butterfly 3

On each of your butterfly layers - Image, free rotate, right, free 45, nothing else checked

On each butterfly layer, Adjust, sharpness, sharpen

Click on text tool, create as vector, I used Avalon font, size, 42 pixels, bold, anti alias smooth

foreground colour null
background colour #7b5f42

Type your text and move into position

Layers, convert to raster layer

Click on your bottom layer

Floodfill with #a7814f

Selections, select all,

Selection modify, contract 3

Selections invert

Selections, promote selection to layer

Layers, Arrange, bring to top

Floodfill with #caa065

Effects, Edge effects, enhance more

Close butterfly2 and butterfly3

Edit, Copy merged

Open Animation Shop

Edit, Paste as a new animation

Back in PSP, close butterfly 1 and open butterfly 2

Edit, Copy merged

In animation shop, Edit, Paste after current frame

Back in PSP, close butterfly2 and open butterfly 3

Edit, Copy merged

In animation shop, Edit, Paste after current frame

Edit, Select all, Animation, Frame Properties, change speed to 15 or speed of your choice.

View, animation, if you're happy with it, save as a gif.

Tutorial written by Annesska - June 2007

Thanks to Silvia for testing.

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