Winter Elegance

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Made in PSP X

Filters needed - Simple - Quick tile, Mezzoforce Ice, Variations, Greg's Factory Output Voll II - Pool shadow

Supplies needed - my Selections files, candle image, snow frame, ,snowflakes - gems tubes, text, woman tube by Guismo. Please do not share these files without permission and do not change the file names. Download supplies

Save selections to your selections folder. Open annesska-elegance-candle.pspimage, annesska-snowflakes-gems.pspimage, annesska-snowframe.pspimage, annesska-elegance-text.pspimage, cal_guis_04_04_2008_romance.pspimage, in psp workspace.

Click on annesska-elegance-candle.pspimage.

Edit, Copy and Edit, Paste as a new image. Close the original.

Effects, Plug Ins - Simple - Quick tile

Effects, Art Media Effects, Brush Strokes, settings below, colour is black


Effects, Plug Ins, Mezzoforce Ice, Settings below


Adjust, Sharpen, Sharpen more

Effects, Plug Ins, Adjust,Variations, Click on original, then click three times on more red, and once on more blue.

Edit, Copy

File new, transparent 720x560

In your materials Palette, set foreground to #f6e7ca

Background to #dfcab1

then click on gradient and make a foreground/background gradient

angle 135

repeats 3

Inver unchecked

Floodfill layer with gradient

Layers, new raster layer

Selections, Load selection from disk

In the dropdown, select annesska-elegance1

Edit, paste into slection

In the layers palette change the blend mode to Luminance (L)

Effects, Plug Ins, Greg's Factory Output VolII, Pool Shadow, Default settings but change Intensity and Lightness to 100

Layer New raster layer, Edit, Paste into Selection

Change blend mode to Screen, opacity 80

Select None

Click on the woman tube, edit copy, on the working image, edit paste as a new layer

Image, resize, 65% bicubic, all layers unchecked

Adjust, Sharpness, sharpen

Move into position, see completed image

Effects, 3D Effects, Drop Shadow

v -1. h -5, Opacity 30, Blur 18, colour #ae8475

Layers, new raster layer

Selections, Load selection from disk

In the dropdown, select annesska-elegance2

In the materials palette change the background colour to #ae8475

And floodfill the slection with the gradient

Selections, select none

Effects, Edge effects, Enhance

Effects, 3D Effects, Drop Shadow

v -1, h -1, Opacity 30, Blue 4.35, Colour #ae8475

Repeat using 1, 1

Click on the snow frame, Edit, copy

Back on your working image, Layers, New raster layer

Selections,. Select all

Edit, paste into Selection

Selections, Select none

Adjust, Add/Remove noise, Add noise, 10, Guassian, monochrome checked

Adjust position of woman tube if necessary

Image, Canvas size, 730x570, click in middle diamond

Click on your bottom layer and with the magic wand, select the transparent space

Selections, Promote selection to layer

Layers, Arrange, bring to top

Floodfill selection with the gradient

Effects, 3D Effects, Chisel. 3, solid colour, #f2e8cc

Selections, Select none

Select a snowflake and gem from the snowflakes-gems.pspimage and for both -

Edit, copy

Then on your working image, Edit, paste as a new layer

Image, resize, 80% bicubic, all layers unchecked

move into position,

Effects, 3D Effects, Drop shadow, as before (v1, h1, and repeat using v-1, h-1) but change opacity to 100

Duplicate the snowflake 2 times and position on image, see completed image, or place where you like them, change blend mode to Luminance L or Overlay and lower opacity to your choice.

Click on text image, Edit, copy

On your working image, Edit, Paste as a new layer, and move into position

Layers Merge all Flatten.

Resize if you wish and save as a jpg.

Tutorial written by Annesska- 11 January 2009

Thanks to Silvia for testing

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