Xmas Greetings

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Made in PSPX and Animation Shop

You need -

Filters - Mezzoforce Ice, Mura Meister Copies, Greg's Factory Output Voll II Pool Shadow, Van der Lee (VDL) - Snowflakes

Holiday tubes, download from Corel Tubes, and install to your psp picture tubes folder. My frame image, text, xmasbow1. Download supplies xmasgreetings.zip Also includes 20 different coloured bows. Please do not share without permission.

Open the supplies in your workspace.

Open a new transparent image 600x500

Floodfill with #96000b

Layers, new raster layer,

Picture tube, select 'presents' I used the large red preent, size 250. Position in centre of canvas

Effects, Plug Ins - Mura Meister Copies. Click on reset then use settings below


Effects, Plug Ins, MezzoforceIce, Settings below


Effects, Plug Ins, Greg's Factory Output Vol II, Pool Shadow, use default settings except for Intensity and Lightness, make them both 90

Layers, Merge all, flatten

Layers, new raster layer, rename snow1

Effects, Plug Ins, Van Der Lee, (VDL)Snowflakes, Settings below


Layer, new raster layer, rename snow2, Snowflakes, change random seed to 100

Layer new raster layer, rename snow3, Snowflakes, change random seed to 200

Click on greetingsframe.pspimage, Edit, Copy

On your working image, Edit, paste as a new layer

Click on the greetingstext.pspimage image, edit, copy

On your working image, paste as a new layer, move into position, see completed image

Click on the xmasbow1.pspimage, or select bow of your choice from xmasbows.psimage, edit copy

On your working image, Edit, paste as a new layer. Move into position, see completed image.

If you chose another bow then you need to rotate the image - Image, free rotate, Settings below


In your layers palette, click on your bottom layer (background)

Image, Canvas size, click on the centre diamond and change size to 606, 506

Selections, Select all, Selections, Modify, Contract 3

Selections, Invert

Selections, promote selection to layer

Layers, arrange, bring to top

Floodfill selection with #b69544

Image, Canvas size, change sizes to 612, 512

Selections, select all, Selections, Modify, contract by 3

Selections, Invert

Floodfill selection with #96000b

Selections, select none

If you don't want to animate the image then close 2 of the snow layers and merge all, flatten and save as jpg.

To animate, continue below

In your layers palette, close snow 2 and 3

Edit, Copy merged

Animation shop - Edit paste as a new animation

In PSP close snow1 and open snow 2

Edit, Copy merged

Animation shop - Edit paste after current frame

In PSP close snow2 and open snow3

Edit, Copy merged

Animation shop - edit, paste after current frame

Edit, select all, Animation, frame properites, change speed to 20

View, animation and if it looks okay, save as a gif

That's it :-)

Tutorial written by Annesska 5 December 2008

Thanks Silvia for testing.

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