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Made in PSPX. You need 2 tubes (tubes I used with permission from Jet and Mou) 2 picture frames (supplied with PSP, included in zip) 2 selection files and pattern - Download supplies Here

Open a new transparent image 650x500

In your materials palette set as follows-

foreground #d1d6d9

background #272b2e

then select gradient - foreground/background

sunburst - repeats 2 - invert unchecked

Floodfill layer with gradient

Effects, illumination effects, sunburst

Colour - white
Light Spot
Brightness 40
Horizontal 52
Vertical 48

Density 37
Brightness 45

Brightness 0

Effects, Plug Ins, Greg's Factory Output Vol II, Pool Shadow, default settings

Layer new raster layer

Selections, Load selection from disk - in the dropdown menu select, guitar

Click on mou_guitar-black.pspimage, Edit, copy, On your working image, edit, paste into selection

Selections, Select none

Effects, 3D Effects, Drop shdow v -5, h -5, Opacity 100, blur 11.59, colour #1d2124

Layer, new raster layer

Selections, load selection from disk, in the dropdown menu select woman

Click on jet-woman09-juni-2008.pspimage, Edit, copy, On your working image, edit, paste into selection

Selection, Select none

Effects, 3D Effects, Drop Shadow, as before but change opacity to 20

Image, picture frame, from the drop down menu choose Edge round 3

Effects, 3D effects, drop shadow, 5, 5, Opacity 100, blur 11.59, colour #1d2124

Selections, select all, float, defloat, floodfill with gradient

Layers, Duplicate

In the materials palette, change the foreground to pattern, in the drop down menu select music, angle 0, scale 70

Floodfill fill with music pattern

In the layers palette, change the blend mode to Multiply and opacity to 50

Selections, Select none

Edge Effects, Enhance more

Image resize, 80% bicubic, all layers

Image, picture frame, in the dropdown menu select Edge fun 1

Effects, Edge Effects, enhance edges more

Effects, Edge Effects, enhance

Effects, 3D Effects, Drop Shadow, as before

Repeat using -5, -5,

Text tool, your choice of font and text. I used Minya Nouvelle, size 36, foreground colour null, background black, create as vector.

Move text into position along the top of image, see completed image, convert to raster layer, change the opacity to 20, duplicate and move into position at the bottom of the image. Change the opacity to 100.

Move the woman layer to the top of the layer palette

Image, add borders 4, symmetric, #2d2f31

Image, add borders 2, symmetric, white

Save as a jpg

Tutorial written by Annesska - 7 August 2008

Thanks to Silvia for testing

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