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Made in PSPX

Filters needed

FM Tile Tools - Blend Emboss
Greg's Factory Output Vol II - Pool Shadow
Italian Editors - Picture in Picture

Supplies - Tube used by permission from Jet. My mask. Download supplies Here

Open the tube and mask in PSP

Open a new transparent image 625x525

Materials Palette

foreground #ae7d58

background #000000

Click on gradient, in the dropdown select foreground/background - sunburst, repeats 3, horizontal 50, vertical 50, invert checked

gradient 1

gradient 2

Floodfill with gradient

Effects, Texture Effects, Sculpture


Adjust, Add/Remove Noise, Add Noise 35 Random

Adjust Blur, Radial Blur

Radial Blur

Effects, Plug Ins, Greg's Factory Output Vol II, Pool Shadow, Default settings

Layers Duplicate

In the layers palette change blend mode to Overlay and Opacity to 50

Layers, New Raster Layer

Floodfill with gradient

Add the same Noise as before

Adjust, Blur, Gaussian Blur 17

Layers, New Mask Layer, From Image

In the dropdown choose annesska_mask_as8

Source Luminance, invert unchecked,

Layers, Merge group

Selections, Select All, Selections Float

Effects, 3D Effects, Drop Shadow

1, 1, 100, Black, 1

Selections, Invert, repeat drop shadow

Select None

Effects, Plug Ins, FM Tile Tools. Blend Emboss

Default Settings

Effects, Plug Ins, Pool Shadow, default Settings

In the layers palette, change the blend mode to hard light

Layers, Duplicate

In the layers palette, change the blend mode to Screen and Opacity to 75

Click on the tube jet-woman03-oktober-2007, Edit, Copy

On your working image, Paste as a new layer

Image, Resize 80% bicubic, all layers unchecked

Layers Duplicate

On the original tube layer, Adjust, Blur, Gaussian Blur, 17

In the layers palette, change the blend mode to Screen, Opacity 75

Layers, Merge visible

Edit, copy

Image resize, 85% bicubic, all layers unchecked

With the magic wand, click in the transparent space

Edit, Paste into selection

Effects, 3D Effects, drop shadow

5, 5, 100, Colour #f1c09c, Blur 0

Repeat using -5, -5

Effects, Plug ins, Italian Editors, Picture in Picture

Default Settings

Effects, Plug Ins, FM Tile Tools, Blend Emboss

Default Settings

Edit, Repeat Blend Emboss

Effects, 3D Effects, Drop Shadow

10, 10, 56, Colour #120d04, Blur 15.94

Repeat using -10, -10

Effects, 3D Effects, Inner Bevel,


Select None

Resize if you wish and save as jpg.

Tutorial written by Annesska - October 2007

Thanks Silvia for testing

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