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Made in PSP9 & X. No outside filters needed.

Supplies - Tube from Mou. Download supplies here

Texture included, not sure if this comes with all versions of psp. Save to your Textures folder.

Open tube in PSP

Open a new transparent image 650x470

In your materials palette set your colours to

Foreground #f9e9e2
Background #fdf5f3

Click on gradient and select foreground/background in the drop down menu

Angle 135
Repeats 0
Invert unchecked

Floodfill the layer with the gradient

Effects, Texture effects, Texture, Weave

Size 100
Smoothness 39
Depth 1
Ambience 0
Shininess 0
Angle 315
Intensity 43
Elevation 36
Colour #fbfaf9

Effects, Edge Effects, Enhance More

Layers, New raster layer

Floodfill with the gradient

Effects, Geometric Effects, Skew


Repeat Skew

Effects, Geometric Effects, Cylinder vertical

Selections, Select All, Float

Selections Modify, Contract 50

In your materials palette, change the foreground to colour #9e2f38

Floodfill selection

Select None

Effects, 3D Effects, Chisel

10, Solid, Black

Layers, New Raster Layer

Have your rulers turned on

With your selection tool, rectangle, make a selection at the top left 0, 20 all the way down to the bottom

Change your foreground colour to Black

Floodfill the selection

Select None

Layers, Duplicate

Image, Mirror

Copy your tube and paste as a new layer on your working image

Effects, 3D Effects, Drop Shadow 3, 3, 44, 15.94, Colour #404040

Layers New raster Layer

Selections, Select all,

Selections, Modify, Contract by 3

Selection, Invert

Floodfill selection with black

Select None

Click on your text tool, Create as vector, Arial Narrow, 48, Bold

Materials Palette

Foreground Null
Background Black

Type your text and move into position.

Convert to raster layer

Layers, Duplicate

Image resize 80% bicubic, all layers unchecked

Move to bottom right, see completed image.

Merge all, resize if you wish, save as a jpg.

Tutorial written by Annesska - June 2007

Thanks to Silvia for testing.

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