Pink Lady

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Made in PSP X and animation shop

No outside filters needed.

You need - tube From Jet,(used with permission) my background and animation. Download supplies here

Please leave watermark and file names intact.

Open tube and background image in psp. Save the animation to a folder of your choice for use later in animation shop.

Click on annesska-pinklady-bg.pspimage, duplicate and close the original.

Effects, Texture Effects, Weave

Gap Size 183
Width 166
Opacity 100
Weave Colour #1e1005
Gap Colour #cc9399
Fill Gaps - ticked

Effects, Edge Effects, Enhance

Adjust, Sharpness, Sharpen

With the magic wand - Settings Add (shift) RGB Value 0,tolerance 0, Contiguous ticked

Click in the 4 pink rectangles

Selections, Modify, Contract 8

Effects, 3D Effects, Inner Bevel

Bevel 1
Width 1
Smoothness 10
Depth 5
Ambience 20
Shininess 80
Colour #efeceb
Angle 315
Intensity 25
Elevation 40

Select None

Click on jet-woman25-januari-2008.pspimage, Edit, Copy

On your working image, Edit, Paste as a new layer

Image, Mirror

Image, resize, 80% bicubic, all layers unchecked.

Move to the left and down, see completed image

3D Effects, Drop Shadow

v 5 , h -5 , opacity 40 , blur 20.29, colour #7d5a59

Image resize all layers 85% bicubic

Image Add Borders

10, Symmetric, Colour #cfa9ac

With the magic wand, select the border

3D Effects, Drop Shadow

v 3 , h 3 , opacity 100 , blur 5.80 , colour #7a4e53

Repeat using -3, -3

Selections, select none

Click on your text tool, create as vector

font of your choice, I used Font - P22 Corinthia
Size 48
Stroke Width 0.0
Leading -0.200
Materials Palette -
Foreground null
Background #a86161

Type text, rotate to angle of your choice, position in centre of rectangle

Effects, 3D Effects, Drop Shadow

v 1, h 1, Opacity 100, Blur 1, Colour #e5c3c5

Repeat Drop Shadow

Edit, Copy merged

Open animation shop

Edit, Paste as a new animation

Edit, Duplicate until you have 12 frames

Edit, Select All

Open pinkladyanimation.gif

Edit, Select all, Copy

Click on the 1st frame of the main image

Edit, paste into selected frame

Position animation on the right, in the patterned rectangular area

View animation and if it looks okay, save as a gif.

Tutorial writtne by Annesska 16th March 2008

Thanks to Silvia for testing.

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