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I made this in PSP X, it can be made in other versions.

You will need, 2 tubes of your choice, I used a floral tube from Yuna Designs, and the woman tube is by Suzi Sgai. You will also need the following Plug Ins/Filters - Adjust- Variations, Mock, and optional - Filters Unlimited Lens Flares.

Download links for filters

Mock - Here
Filters Unlimited 2 - Here
Variations, Adjust Download here

Open a new transparent image 600x500

Floodfill with any colour

Effects, Texture Effects, Sculpture, settings below


Effects, Plug Ins, Mock, Window, default settings

Effects, Plug Ins, Adjust, Variatons, Click on More Red 1 time

Effects, 3D effects, Drop Shadow, -2, -2, 100, 2, Black

Image, Resize, 80% all layers unchecked

With the magic wand, click in the transparent area

Layers, new raster layer, floodfill with any colour

Effects, Texture, Sculpture as before

Effects, Plug Ins, Mock, Windo as before

Effects, Plug Ins, Adjust, Variations as before

Selections, Select none

Pen Tool, Line Style - Dash with Arrowhead End, Line Width 2, Draw Lines and Polygons. Colour #dcad94

Hold down your shift key and draw a line as in screenshot below


Layers, Convert to raster layer

Effects, 3D Effects, drop shadow as before

Layers, duplicate, image flip, Image mirror

With your pen tool draw a line as before, see screenshot for position

Line 2

Convert to raster layer, drop shadow as before.

Layers Duplicate,Image flip, Image mirror

Click on your flower tube, Edit, copy, paste as a new layer. Position as completed image

Layer, Duplicate, Image, mirror, move into position, see completed image

Click on your other tube, if you're using the same tube as I am then copy, paste as a new layer and resize by 80% twice, all layers unchecked. Move into position, layers, duplicate, image, mirror. Layers, merge down and change the opacity to 54. Move down to below your 2 floral tubes.

Next step is optional

Click on your bottom layer, Effects, Plug Ins, Filters Unlimited 2, Lens Flares, Flare 3, change to 255.

Still on your bottom layer. Selections, Select all, Modify, Contract 6, Selections, Invert, apply the same drop shadow as before and repeat using 2, 2.

Effects, Edge effects, Enhance

Merge visible

Text tool, I used Mr Lackboughs Size 72 pixels, Foreground colour nul, background

Type your text, Objects, aign, horizontal center in canvas, convert to raster layer, drop shadow as before.

Merge all.

Resize 80%, Adjust, sharpen, unsharop mask, 3, 25, 5, luminance only checked.

And that's it.

Tutorial written by Annesska - April 2007

Tested by Silvia

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